Product Care

Leather Goods

All leather goods are made with 100% leather. Embossed leather and Box style leathers are sturdier than calf skin and require less attention for day-to-day use. Regarding embossed leathers and box style leathers, contact with light water from rain or splashes is acceptable but should be wiped down quickly as to avoid water seeping into threads. Regarding calf leather and snake leather articles, avoid leathers coming into contact with water. Should the product get wet, gently dry with a natural colored cloth to avoid foreign colors staining the bag. Avoid letting all leather articles comes into contact with greasy substances, make-up products, perfumes, or sweat. Protect leather articles from light, heat and humidity so as to preserve their appearance and color for a long time into the future. Hardware and metals should be polished regularly. The use of handle covers are recommended. Avoid overloading the bag if you wish to keep its original shape for as long as possible. After using the bag, it is recommended to fill the interior with tissue paper and store upright inside the protective dust bag.


Our jewelry comes with a high-level of craftsmanship and should be handled with care. Jewelry will tend to naturally tarnish over time and can be cleaned and polished using only a high-grade jewelry polisher and chamois cloth. Avoid impact or rubbing that might scratch or damage the product, or cause the loss of the stones or crystals used to create it.